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If you’re a new parent thinking about sending your child to a Montessori school or you’ve been around a Montessori school before and you just have a lot more questions, we hope that this series of videos will provide some answers.

These videos are free to watch and we’re making them available because we know how challenging it can be to find time to visit a Montessori school. So we’re hoping that these videos will help illuminate and clarify some of your questions about Montessori.

The videos will address questions most parents have like what’s a sensitive period, or why do Montessori schools have such big classrooms, or why are there so many children, or why are there mixed ages in the classroom, or what’s a pink tower, or how will my child learn to read in Montessori, and more.

There are over 60+ videos in the library organized into specific categories. They’re short segments lasting just 3-5 minutes and each one focuses on answering one specific topic or question, and one question only. They’ve been designed so you can watch the videos anywhere and on your own time—when standing in line at the grocery store, or sitting in the doctor’s office waiting, or whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

You don’t have to watch all of them at once. You can choose to watch those are most relevant and pressing to you, and save the others for a later time. And if, after watching these videos, there are still questions left unanswered in your mind, feel free to let us know and we’ll be more than happy to answer them in person.

Our hope, however, is that these videos will address most if not all your questions from your perspective, and help you build your understanding about Montessori so you can come to a decision about what’s best for your child and your family.

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