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Child-Centered Environment

The classroom environment is tailored to meet the needs, interests, talents, and stages of development of students. Teachers create and adapt the classroom with the children in mind, changing the materials available, the layout of the space, and the tone of the class to best meet their ever-changing needs. Students work individually and, in some cases, within small, self-selected groups. The emphasis is always on the children’s learning rather than teachers teaching. In a Montessori classroom, teachers don’t teach but guide students.

Pearlily Montessori - Authentic Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten in Dublin, Ohio 43017 - Student twisting and loosening bolts and nuts in using Montessori materials.

Hands-On Learning

Students learn best when they have direct, personal hands-on contact with the things they’re studying or with concrete models that bring abstract concepts to life. Teachers strive to engage students’ attention and their interest in new topics and learning domains, but children often choose work that captures their interest and imagination. Children are self-directed and grow at their own pace, going on to the next level of learning as they’re ready in each subject area.

Mixed-Age Classes

Montessori classrooms are communities of children of different ages and teachers, forming a group that stays together for several years. As children get older and more capable, they take on greater responsibilities in the classroom, such as helping to care for the environment and meeting the needs of the younger students. The emphasis is less on the teachers and more on the entire community of children, just like it would be in a real family.

Teachers as Role Models

Montessori teachers help children learn by acting as a resource and guide to whom students turn to as they piece together information, impressions, and experiences. The teacher’s role is to inspire, mentor, and facilitate the learning process. The real work of learning is carried out by each child individually. Given Montessori’s emphasis on character development, the Montessori teacher is generally calm, courteous, pleasant, and polite to each child providing guidance as needed to help them build the right habits and attitudes to succeed.

Early Childhood Program

The Pearlily Early Childhood Program is designed for children ages 3-6. Students explore and discover, cooperate with classmates, and take control of their education. This self-directed approach to learning builds self-confidence, autonomous thought and action, critical thinking, as well as social, emotional, and intellectual development.

Daily Schedule

A Montessori education prepares children for life. Being part of the entire 3-year cycle of a Montessori education gives children the opportunity to become independent, compassionate, and responsible citizens in their classroom, in their own family, the community, and the world at large.


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Pearlily Montessori - Authentic Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten in Dublin, Ohio 43017 - Student washing hands to stay healthy and maintain good hygiene.

Health and Safety

We’re committed to ensuring that students and families are safe and remain healthy. We’ve put in place additional measures as well as extra health and safety protocols to give everyone peace of mind during challenging and uncertain times.

Pearlily Montessori  – Dublin, OH Campus

Pearlily Montessori - Authentic Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten - Campus building in Dublin, Ohio 43017.

The Pearlily Montessori campus in Dublin, Ohio is located in the nucleus of a vibrant neighborhood and community. It sits right next to a beautiful park, Llewellyn Farms Park, which features tennis and basketball courts, a picnic shelter, and a playground. An elementary school, Griffin Thomas Elementary School, is adjacent to the park and within walking distance of the School. A recently constructed bike path connects the neighborhood to the historic center of the city in Old Dublin, and the multi-use district in New Dublin.

In addition to Tuttle Mall and the presence of several major hotels and restaurants, the campus is surrounded by a number of office complexes such as Cramer Creek Corporate Park and Metro Center which many companies and businesses call home. Just next door is The Corners, a new mixed use development of retail, office and a community park. It’s a stone’s throw away from Cornhenge, and just a short drive from Upper Arlington, Hilliard, Worthington, Powell, and Plain City.

From 270, the school is just 2-3 miles from the Tuttle Crossing or US 33 exits.

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