Assessment in Montessori

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Is there a Montessori Curriculum?

Is There a Montessori Curriculum?

What can I expect in a Montessori classroom?

What Can I Expect in a Montessori Classroom?

Pearlily Montessori | What are points of interest in the Montessori classroom?

What Are the “Points of Interest” in the Montessori Classroom?

How and why do we observe in a Montessori environment?

How and Why Do We Observe in a Montessori Environment?

Are lesson plans available for my child’s classroom?

Are Lesson Plans Available for My Child’s Classroom?

Do Montessori students take standardized tests?

Do Montessori Students Take Standardized Tests?

How do I know my child is learning if there aren’t any tests?

How Do I Know My Child is Learning If There Aren’t Any Tests?

Why don’t Montessori teachers give grades?

Why Don’t Montessori Teachers Give Grades?

Will I get a daily report about what my child did?

Will I Get a Daily Report About What My Child Did?

What if my child avoids an area?

What If My Child Avoids an Area? (For example, what if they don’t like Math?)

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