Learning Life Skills

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How do we develop leadership skills in the Montessori classroom?

How Do We Develop Leadership Skills in the Montessori Classroom?

Why does my child’s guide get down on one knee to talk to them?

Why Does My Child’s Guide Get Down on One Knee to Talk to My Child?

How do you teach rules in a Montessori classroom?

How Do You Teach Rules in a Montessori Classroom? (Grace and Courtesy)

How do we teach sharing in a Montessori environment?

How Do You Teach Sharing in a Montessori Environment?

How do we handle disputes between the children?

How Do We Handle Disputes Between the Children?

Why do we address parents and children by name?

Why Do We Address Parents and Children by Name?

Why do we call everything “work”?

Why Do We Call Everything “Work”?

Why do we offer children choices in a Montessori environment?

Why Do We Offer Children Choices in a Montessori Environment?

Why are there so many children in a Montessori classroom?

Why Are There So Many Children in a Montessori Classroom?

Pearlily Montessori | Why don't we ask children to say "I'm sorry" in a Montessori classroom?

Why Don’t We Ask Children to Say “I’m Sorry” in a Montessori Classroom?

Why are 5-year-olds so important in the Montessori classroom?

Why Are 5-Year Olds So Important in the Montessori Classroom?

Will my 3-year-old get run over in a room full of 5-year-olds?

Will My 3-Year Old Get Run Over in a Room Full of 5-Year Olds?

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