Pearlily Prime Movers Program

Prime Movers play an instrumental role in making Pearlily Montessori not only a reality but the best possible early childhood Montessori program in our community. Are you prepared to make the first move?

Pearlily Montessori - Authentic Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten in Dublin, Ohio 43017 - Photo of Dr. Maria Montessori

“Your little sons and daughters are men and women in the making. Let them keep their childish secret and you will have the satisfaction of having them turn to you for help when they need it, and you will see over the years how the secret of their childhood grows into adult firmness of character and a fine independence. ”

Founder, Montessori Philosophy and Method of Education

What’s a Pearlily Prime Mover?

Prime Movers are a special group of parents who are passionate about Pearlily Montessori’s mission and are committed to seeing the vision of the school become a reality. They channel that belief into a strong desire to establish and grow the school not only for their own children, but also for the children of other families who will come after.


Be part of a special group of families.

Opening a new Montessori school takes significant resources which is why we need a group of committed parent leaders willing to invest in their child’s future and make a commitment to the long-term success of the school and the realization of our common vision. It is in this shared spirit of commitment that we are offering a limited number of parents the opportunity to join our distinguished community of founding families.


Invest risk-free in your child’s future.

As a Pearlily Prime Mover, you agree to commit to sending your child to Pearlily Montessori for the next 3 years. In return, you will get a 20 percent discount on your child’s tuition each year. Your tuition will not be subject to annual increases which are typically 5% each year, so the amount of savings will be even greater for the following two years. The annual tuition which is prepaid would help us to continue to maintain a wonderful school facility, provide beautiful Montessori materials, and most importantly hire, train, and develop exceptional teachers. In the event you decide the program is not for you, the unused portion of your prepayment will be refunded.


Establish your legacy.

As one of Pearlily Montessori’s founding families, your family will play a critical part in fostering and sustaining the pedagogical vision of Dr. Maria Montessori which supports children in growing to become thoughtful, motivated, and enterprising global citizens. More importantly, you will forever be a member of a proud group of parents who paved the way for other children in the community to receive a high-quality Montessori education.

As one of the founding families of Pearlily Montessori, we will recognize your family’s support and contribution on campus to convey not only our gratitude, but also the gratitude of the many future families who will become part of the thriving Montessori community you’re helping to build today.

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Is your child a dreamer? A builder? A thinker? A storyteller? An explorer?

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