Montessori education is intended to help your child maximize his or her potential within an educational environment that’s specifically designed to meet their unique developmental needs, with the active guidance of adults specifically trained to observe and connect them to exactly what they need to learn at that very moment. What does this mean in practice?

We foster independence.

Children learn in Montessori schools that their independence is valued. We encourage children to move freely, to make choices within carefully defined boundaries, and to know that their voices are heard. Children begin to learn about time management as they grow older. We teach them practical life skills that they can use in the classroom, at home, and in other situations. This emphasis on independence provides children with a powerful sense of empowerment.


We inspire work in beautiful classrooms.

The difference in a Montessori environment is immediately noticeable when you enter a classroom. We prefer natural lighting and value natural materials. There are living things (both plants and animals), as well as low shelves where children can easily access their work. There are areas where children can work in groups or alone, on the floor or in a chair. The materials are of high quality, which inspire the children working within and who use them to create beautiful work.

We follow the child.

We create educational environments that perfectly suit children’s needs by honoring where they are in their development. Guides are trained in in the developmental stages of the children with whom they work, and understand that learning is not always linear and that each child will require different challenges and support while pursuing their work in school. In addition, Montessori students have numerous opportunities to explore areas of personal interest in a meaningful way.

We rely on formative assessment.

The term assessment is derived from a Latin word that means “to sit beside” and that is exactly what we do in a Montessori classroom. Teachers work alongside students, collecting data as they go. The three-period lesson, which is a Montessori trademark, is specifically designed to assess understanding and mastery during instruction. Teachers also observe and take notes on students, which allows them to focus on areas where students may need more challenge or support. Using formative assessments every day allows teaching and learning to be calibrated in real time, ensuring that each child receives exactly what they need.

We integrate nature.

Aside from the plants and animals that children help care for, our classrooms frequently have a museum-like feel to them. Depending on what the children are studying, a variety of interesting specimens may be discovered in our classrooms. We also believe it is critical to get our students out into nature as much as possible, so they can learn and enjoy it firsthand.

We value kindness and peace.

Our students are responsible global citizens. Children begin learning about world geography at a young age, and they learn about traditions from a variety of cultures. We take the time to teach skills such as conflict resolution and assist children in working through social dynamics as they arise. We believe that peace and kindness form not only the foundation of any quality education, but the foundation that is essential for the progress of humanity.

At its core, Montessori education is a way of being with children that allows each child to fully develop into the person he or she was born to be.

Just as you work hard to ensure your home is loving and safe so your child feels secure and well-adjusted, we work diligently to ensure that the prepared environment, teachers, and student community in our school meet your child’s needs with respect and support at every step of their educational journey.

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