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Pearlily Summer Reading List

As the school year comes to an end, it's the perfect time to dive into the wonderful world of books with your little ones. Reading together not only fosters a love for literature but also plays a crucial role in children's language development. In this week's blog post, we're excited to share a Montessori-inspired summer reading list tailored specifically for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Transitioning from Montessori to Traditional Schools

“How will my child adjust?” Whether a child is transitioning from a Montessori preschool or kindergarten to public first grade, or the transition takes place later, many parents find themselves asking this question. While children may differ from each other in terms of their response to changes and new environments, the short and simple answer is that Montessori children will more than do just fine.

Empowering Your Child Through Chores

In the Montessori philosophy, practical life activities play a crucial role in a child's development, fostering independence, responsibility, and a sense of purpose from an early age. While these activities are often a core part of the curriculum in Montessori schools, they can also be seamlessly integrated into daily life at home.

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The Montessori Approach to Navigating Challenging Behaviors

The sometimes-challenging behavior from our children is an expected part of growing up and parenting. We know that it’s normal, and we also know our children need to experience it to grow and learn. But that does not make it any easier in the moment. If you’re anything like us, you might pause from time to time and ask yourself, “What would Maria Montessori do?”

Celebrating Women’s History: 10 Inspiring Books for Children

March is Women's History Month, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing the stories of remarkable women with our children? Our carefully curated book list features titles that spotlight the incredible achievements and challenges of women throughout history. From scientists to activists, these stories not only educate but also inspire our young readers to dream big.

Adopting Montessori Principles at Home

In the world of parenting, Montessori principles offer a beacon of hope for order and harmony. Our latest blog delves into the realities of implementing Montessori at home, dispelling myths of perfection and highlighting the approach's core values of respect, independence, and tailored learning environments.

Little Chefs, Big Lessons

In the Montessori classroom, practical life activities lay the foundation for essential life skills. Discover how bringing these lessons into your kitchen can be a delightful, educational adventure for you and your little ones.

Spending Time Outdoors in the Winter

Norwegians have a long-standing tradition known as “friluftsliv”. The word loosely translates to “open-air life” and embodies the nation’s dedication to spending time in nature on a regular basis. This is easy enough to do when the sun is shining and the days are long, but how can we continue to get outside during the colder, darker months? And why is this so important for children?

Exploring the Montessori Geometric Cabinet

The Montessori Geometric Cabinet is a simple yet profound tool that unlocks the world of shapes and patterns for young learners. Beyond being a mere teaching aid for geometry, this cabinet is an amazing gateway to a deeper understanding of the world around us, fostering a child's analytical and observational skills.

Fun Ways to Bring the Outdoors Indoors

As the winter season blankets the world in snow and frost, you may be wondering how to keep your little ones engaged and connected with nature. In the spirit of Dr. Maria Montessori's belief in the importance of the natural world in a child's development, here are a few fun ideas to bring the outdoors indoors!

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